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When is the next meet-up?

In 2017, we have five meet-ups scheduled:

  1. 9th February: Behavioural Economics and the Ethics of Influence (event held)
  2. 18th May: Field, Lab, and Natural Experiments in Public Policy (sign-up here)
  3. 7th September: Behavioural Economics and Communications in Policy and Business (sign-up here)
  4. 19th October: Behavioural Economics and the Future of Regulation (sign-up here)
  5. 1st December: 10th Annual Economics and Psychology Conference (sign-up here)
What format will the meet-ups take?

Each meet-up is structured around a collection of short talks, where each speaker describes briefly an idea they are working on (or thinking about), followed by questions, potential suggestions for collaboration between members, and a group discussion on the collection of talks.

What is the purpose of the network?

The purpose of Irish Behavioural Science and Policy Network (IBSPN) is to bring together the thinkers and doers of behavioural science in Ireland. We want members of the network to share, discuss and debate how behavioural insights can and should be applied in the business, academic and public policy domains in Ireland.

Annual Conference

Since 2008 there has been an annual conference organised for those working at the interface of economics, psychology and other related areas. Speakers have included international thought-leaders such as David Laibson, David Halpern, Robert Sugden, Arie Kapteyn, Ruth Byrne and John O’Doherty. The next annual conference will be on the 1st of December 2017 (register here).

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